Shoes to Shine

Hi Lovely Ladies!


One thing that has been on my mind for a little while now, and something I've been consciously working on is Judgement. After growing tired of my negative and judgy self, I decided to put some thought into why I was being such a critical asshole. I didn't have to do too much soul searching to realize that most of my judgmental thoughts were stemming from jealousy. We have all scrolled through social media, taken a screenshot, sent it to a friend, and made a less than complimentary comment. Who has seen someone start a new venture, only for your first thought to be criticism? I am 100% guilty of this. One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome before releasing KBR, was the fear of what others may think.

The idea of putting my passion out into the world for others to critique was scary, uncomfortable and not something I was sure I wanted to do. It felt a lot more comfortable to sit back in the comfort of my house and pick apart all of the brave people who had decided to step out and go after what they wanted. As I thought about how I had been critiquing others, I began to realize that my judgement was coming from jealousy.


Jealous of the fact that other people had the courage to put themselves out there, to reveal their authentic selves, to go after something they wanted. And here I was sitting in a little bubble of safety, never putting myself out there, therefore never having to fear what others make think of my dreams and goals.

The first lesson KBR has taught me is: There is plenty of room for everyone honey! We're all here just trying to feed our little souls, trying to navigate our purpose, trying to live our lives in the most authentic way possible. Not everything is a competition! Another person's success, or courage to pursue their dream, does not mean that there is less room for me to do the same.

It is far easier to look at our neighbors and critique their journey, the more time I spend critiquing others means the less time I have to spend thinking about my own insecurities.  Following through with KBR has made me appreciate those who venture out and try something new. Instead of judging, I now applaud them, feel inspired by them, and feel a little less scared about authentically putting myself out there.

I have set myself a new goal, now instead of just thinking how happy I am for these people (99% of them women) I want to follow through and TELL them what they're doing is amazing. How many times have you thought about a friend or even someone you don't know and thought "WOW, what a badass woman!" or "What a great idea!" and that's as far as it went?

Instead of keeping these thoughts to myself I want people to know they have a cheerleader in me. If someone has posted or done something that has affected me in a positive way, I want to make sure to tell them. One thing that has meant a lot to me since starting KBR, has been the women who have reached out to me and said "Congrats", "I love what you're doing", "How can I help?" You can never underestimate the worth of these words. Just a little comment or message can make a person gain so much confidence, makes them a little braver and a little more willing to live out loud.

So here's to encouraging those around us and not judging them, here's to telling people we're cheering for them, and most importantly here's to trusting that there is plenty of room for all of us.

Alison xo

Self-LoveAlison Otzelberger