All the Things |Times Two| Q&A

Thanks to the wonderful connections we are able to make through Instagram, I get asked daily about how we make this twin thing happen. Anything from schedules, favorite products, to “how the heck do you ____ ?” Whether it is another twin mom, soon-to-be twin mom or people who are just curious how we function, the questions are never ending, and I love it! If I can help someone out by the trial and errors we’ve been through, then it is all the more worth it. Here are the most popular questions I get asked and the answers that go along with them.


Do they share a crib or have separate cribs? How did you get them to sleep in cribs?

The twins have always had separate cribs but share a room. We transitioned them to the cribs when they were only about 6 weeks old because babies are SO noisy while they’re sleeping. They are constantly grunting, sucking on pacifiers, sneezing, etc. After a few weeks of them sleeping in our room we were so over it! At first, we moved them to their room and still had them sleeping in the Mamaroo’s, but there was this terrible, horribly miserable event called the six week sleep regression. Desperation set in and we were willing to try anything to get them to sleep. So, we put them in their cribs and VOILA!! Happy babies. I put rolled up blankets under the crib mattress to keep the head at an incline to help with reflux and comfort. This is probably the biggest issue people have when transitioning to a crib. If your baby has spent every moment of its life at an incline (like ours had) in either a boppy, rocker, bouncy seat, or your arms, there is zero chance they will tolerate laying flat.


Did you breastfeed them?

Ahhh breastfeeding. I will be writing a two-part blog soon about my experience with breastfeeding because it’s such a huge topic. But for now, the answer is yes and no. After we left the hospital I decided that pumping and bottling was going to be the solution for us. I could get some sleep and have others help with feedings and then we would also know how much they were eating. Thankfully I overproduced, like a straight up cow, and I was able to feed both babies and freeze milk every day.

Everyone uses the term “breastfeeding” differently, so when someone asked if I breastfeed the twins I was quick to respond with “no, I pump for them.” There is supposed to be this magical bonding and connection with breastfeeding, and I felt none of that. There was a lot of resentment and questioning why I was putting myself through pumping for so long, because there was absolutely no enjoyment that came from being stuck to that machine on a strict schedule around the clock for 10.5 months. Many tears fell from my eyes at all hours of the day and night I was pumping in my car, at work, on vacation, and in bathrooms stalls because it was “time to pump” and when you make as much as I did, there is no putting it off for a little longer to enjoy what you’re doing or waiting until you get home. SO, stay tuned for the next blog, it will be very honest and open because no one pre-warned me about any of that!! And I promise it won’t be all negative and there will be some very helpful bits in there.

Ps. It was worth it because I have two very chubby and healthy little girls and a there is a little boy who is using what we had left over to get him fed until he turns one!


Which stroller do you use?

We have two! The Baby Jogger City Select was the one my grandparents got for us initially. I love it. So easy to assemble when you’re out and about, if can hold car seats or regular stroller seats and is extremely versatile for those of you who have one baby and plan on expanding your family. The handle also extends which allows for more walking/leg room for my husband Dave who is tall and would otherwise be kicking the wheels. The City Select is the one I take shopping or to the grocery store because it fits down aisles and I have these hooks (  on the stroller handle to hang shopping baskets from. Between the baskets,  underneath the stroller and the occasional loaf of bread on a baby, I can get a whole cart worth the groceries! (baby jogger stroller link)

The second one we got this summer and it is perfect for all things outdoors. The BOB Double stroller makes me feel like I’m only pushing one baby around. It is very smooth to push and does excellent on grass and trails which is perfect for when we go camping. It is supposed to fit through all modern doorframes, and so far I haven’t had much of an issue with that. It also has an attachment that is part tray for the bigger kid and the other part is a car seat holder for your newer baby. So it is also for growing families! (BOB stroller link)

They are both pretty expensive, but we will have them for many, many years and I don’t foresee us ever needing a different one!


How do you get out of the house?

Getting out of the house is one of our favorite things to do. At first it is totally terrifying because it requires so much planning and there is the great fear of having your kids lose their s**t in public. My advice for those who are adventuring out for the first few times is to make your outings simply learning experiences. Do not set an agenda or have a to do list, just leave the house, go somewhere you can leave quickly if you need to, and don’t get your hopes up if your little one seems like they are hating it. I remember trying to hide in a Bed Bath and Beyond aisle while holding one baby and pushing the stroller back and forth to keep the other one quiet. I had totally lost track of time and didn’t realize it was feeding time, so they were both going crazy and I was FREAKING OUT. Lesson learned that trip? Babies don’t care where you are, they want the same treatment and schedule they would have at home. From then on I set alarms to keep me on track and we had much better shopping trips! Another thing I have learned is the more you do it, the better the babies get at it too. It’s not so alarming for them to be in a strange place with lots of noise if you do it more often. Put on your brave mom pants and get out of the house! It can be so rewarding and exciting!


Do they sleep through the night?

YES! Hallelujah, praise Jesus and all things from above, the twins do sleep well at night and have since they were about 3 months old. This is another topic I could go on and on about. The one thing I can attribute to sleeping through the night is that schedule is extremely important. You may feel like your losing your life to this schedule but believe me it is 1,000% worth it the first time you and your baby sleep soundly. What goes on during the night is a reflection of what happened during the day. Babies are opposite of adults, and the less sleep they get during the day does not mean they will be extra tired and will sleep better at night. It’s the other way around! If your baby skips a nap or has a stressful day, they will be overtired at night and they simply fight sleep like crazy. Feel free to message me with any further questions about sleeping! I know some babies have a lot harder time with this and we are very fortunate, but keep that bedtime routine going and you may see a very positive change.


I am by no means an expert and every new family will find their own ways to get their family back to a functioning level. The best part about figuring your way through motherhood is making connections with other moms and asking all of those questions you have. Never feel embarrassed to seek out help or advice with something because there is one thing that remains true to the end: No one knows what they’re doing!