On a recent trip to Milwaukee we stumbled upon Little Monster's; the cutest kids store we've ever seen! It was too good not to share! When you walk into this store an instant smile will come across your face! Andi, the owner only selects items she loves, her goal is to select unique pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime. Take a look at some of the amazing products they stock and what we bought on our visit!


 It was love at first sight when we walked into Little Monsters and were greeted by this gorgeous display. Little Feminist books, unicorns, and pom poms?! Mine and my daughter; Olivia's favorite things combined! The Little Feminist Books are by Mudpuppy and feature some pretty badass women. You get four books, each dedicated to a different category. Artists, Activists, Leaders, and Pioneers


We had seen these dolls online, but never in a store! We can't tell you our excitement to actually see these babes in person! If you haven't heard of Lottie, she's an amazing range of dolls, that actually look like the little girls you see every day. The company's goal is to have the dolls look age appropriate... that means no heels, no makeup, and clothes that young girls would actually wear! They also have a ton of fun accessories ranging from doll houses, horses, and the cutest outfits.



Holy stunning! These gorgeous accessories made us so happy! They may be our favorite find of the day! These beautiful pieces are by Lilies & Roses. They are by far the best jewelry and hair accessories we've ever seen! And trust me with a daughter that loves her bows, bracelets, and necklaces that is a big statement!


 So what did we end up purchasing you ask? Let me tell you I could have bought every single thing in that store! This rainbow puzzle/decor was the last in the store, and will be a fun addition to Olivia's new "Big Girl" bedroom that we are in the process of setting up! The Native shoes are the lightest, most practical, and gorgeous shoes! I couldn't pass up getting Olivia some Lilies & Roses jewelry, so we got her 3 bracelets and a stunning ballerina necklace. We also found a fun product by Mudpuppy, a magnetic dress up game featuring Frida Kahlo, Queen Elizabeth, Amelia Earhart, and Cleopatra!


These items almost came home with us, but we thought we would save them for a special occasion.
If you're ever in Milwaukee be sure to check out this amazing store!