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Lisa is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She supports people in the journey to accept who they are, and helps them navigate through self doubt, fear, and anxiety. We fist came across and fell in love with Lisa when she took Cleo Wade's book "Heart Talk" ripped out the pages lined with beautiful words and spread them across windshields for total strangers to find. If you're looking for a safe peaceful place to feel centered then Lisa is your girl.

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Jael is the founder of j.ella boutiques in Brookings, SD and Sioux Falls, SD. She also holds the title of wife to her husband; Brian, and Mom to her two adorable boys. j.ella boutiques mantra is "Be Happy. Be Good & Kind. Live Fully, she carries this mantra into her everyday life, as she is an active member in the community. Jael is a true entrepreneur; we know you'll be as inspired by her hustle as we are.

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