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Hi! We're Allison & Alison.

We are committed to inspiring women to live fulfilled & purpose driven lives, by providing an online compilation of strong women to KNOW, women who will motivate and inspire. By encouraging you to BE the best woman you can be with tips and tricks in our blog. We are focused on empowering the girls we RAISE to be fearless and confident as they follow in the footsteps of strong women who have gone before them. May the possibilities be endless for our girls to be and do anything.


Alison Lacey-Otzelberger

Have you ever been kept awake at night by your inner voice telling you there is something more for you and your life? Well that is exactly how KNOW.BE.RAISE came to be!  After the birth of my now 3 year old twins, Olivia and Jayce, and the recent addition of my baby girl, Stella. I began to feel an immense sense of guilt when a voice inside kept saying, "You have so much more to give... there is something more you should be doing". A happy family and overwhelming gratitude to embrace each day at home with my children, yet I was yearning for more! 

One day while reciting the quote “Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them” I was struck by how much meaning these words had to me. This quote encapsulated everything... my love of learning from strong women who inspire and motivate me, my commitment to being the best version of myself, and most importantly mine and my husbands dedication to raising our daughter's, Olivia & Stella to be strong, confident, independent, and fearless! Equally importantly is the desire to raise our son; Jayce, to embody those same traits while also respecting and admiring females, to value them as equal members of humanity.

 “You can do anything you put your mind to” was ingrained into my head as a little girl by the strongest woman I know… my mother; Lorraine. So with those words, and my favorite quote, Know.Be.Raise was born.  I wanted to create a space where women could go to learn from other women, to be inspired and empowered by one another. A place where they could grasp the courage and strength to do the things that they’ve always wanted to do but never started. I wanted give all women a tribe behind them. There are so many amazing women out in the world, and I want Know. Be. Raise to be an encyclopedia of them to call on when needed. Think of KNOW  as your little book of bad ass women, BE is all about YOU and being the best version of yourself. Raise is focused on those little girls in our lives, and encouraging them to be fearless, confident and most importantly be their true authentic selves.

Together we can celebrate, inspire, and empower all women & girls.


Allison Dahl

I had to really reflect on who I am and what I want to say when I was thinking about the "about me" section.

I first want to start off by explaining the woman in my life who has been the biggest impact in my life, my mother. I grew up in a household where both parents worked, both cooked, both cleaned, and so on.... My mom made sure that I learned how to do any task my dad did. I think growing up, this was a very important lesson for me. My mother showed me that women are capable of doing as much as men can do and that gender is not going to get in the way.  My parents own rental units which can be a very trying task. Some days are as easy as painting a wall and others can involve ripping out carpet, installing floors, fixing plumbing and other complex projects. Not once have I seen my mother say "I can't" or "that's not my job". Each time she rolls up her sleeves with no complaints and she says, "Let's figure this out."

When Alison Otzelberger explained the idea of this website to me and how it will be a place for women to KNOW inspirational women, BE whatever they want, and RAISE little females to be strong, I could not help but think that this is my mother 100%! This is how she raised us and this is how Woody (my husband) and I plan to raise our little females as well.

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